SG-618-2A Two-Axis Automatic Surface Grinder

SG-618-2A Two-Axis Automatic Surface Grinder

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  • Auto Infeed (Y),
  • Auto Longitudinal Feed (X)
  • Manual Downfeed (Z),
  • Ball screw on Y axis
  • Double V ways for cross travel, one V one flat way for longitudinal travel.
  • Slide ways are hand scraped and coated with TURCITE B.
  • Automatic cross feed.
  • Accurate slot grinding using saddle locking system and ball screw cross feed.
  • Advanced hydraulic system with independent oil tank for vibration free table.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Hydraulic table stroke setting.


  • Grinding wheel (8”x1.25”x0.75”)
  • Wheel adapter/flange
  • Auto lube system
  • Coolant system (12 gal.)
  • Work light
  • Balance arbor
  • Diamond dresser
  • Tool kit

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (contact us for pricing):

    • Grinding wheel (10”x1.25”x0.75”) with vari-speed wheel control
    • 8”x20” electro magnetic chuck
    • 8”x20” fine pole electro magnetic chuck
    • Parallel dresser (overhead)
    • Balance stand
    • Extra wheel adapter/flange
    • Coolant system (12 gal) with splashguard
    • Dust collector
    • Coolant system (25 gal.) with paper filter
    • Coolant system (25 gal.) with paper filter and magnetic separator 
    • Digital Readout System
      Maximum grinding length 19.7"
      Maximum grinding width 5.9"
      Max distance: table to spindle center 15.7”
      Working surface (W x L) 6" x 18.3"
      Maximum longitudinal travel 21.6"
      Maximum cross travel 7"
      Hydraulic feed 3.3 ~ 82 ft/min
      Hand feed per revolution (longitudinal) 2.7 ft./rev
      Graduation of hand wheel (cross) 0.0008"
      Hand feed per revolution(vertical) 0.04 in/rev
      Graduation of hand wheel (vertical) 0.0001"
      Intermittent feed 0.006 ~ 0.4”
      Continuous transverse feed 47.2 in/min
      Hand feed 0.2 in/rev
      Spindle motor 1.5 HP
      Spindle speed 3,600 rpm
      Grinding wheel, outside diameter 8”
      Grinding wheel bore 1.25”
      Grinding wheel width 0.63”

      Hydraulic motor 1 HP
      Floor space (W x H x L) 83 x 51 x 80”
      Net wt. (approx.) 2,200 lbs