Clausing  4.33” Automatic Circular Cold Saw with Full Hydraulic System - NEW

Clausing 4.33” Automatic Circular Cold Saw with Full Hydraulic System - NEW

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Model: FHC475AV

Ferrous model cold saws handle solid, tubing or flat stock mild steel giving a burr free cut. Head position only at 90 degrees for fast set up. The 2 speed spindle motor along with blade tooth selection allows for various ferrous material cutting applications. Automatic operation allows for hands free operation of the material cutting and barfeed operation for material infeed.

The unique self-centering vise keeps the material perfectly centered with the blade for absolutely perfect cuts.


  • Manual Pneumatic Vice
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor
  • Enclosed worm gear drive for trouble-free operation
  • Two speed motor 2 speed gearbox for Versatility
  • 3 Hp Hydraulic system
  • Automatic cutting cycles
  • Automatic feed rate cycles
  • Self-Centering Vise
  • Flood Coolant System
  • Foot pedal cycle start
  • Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Base
  • Interlocking door guards
  • One general purpose circular saw blade
  • Two Year Limited Warranty


Machine Style
Drive Type Gear Box w/ Worm Gear
Barfeed Stroke w/multiple stroke
0.19" to 77"
Maximum Capacity Round Tube 90°
Maximum Capacity Square Tube 90°
Rectangular Tube 90°
4.33" x 1.97"
Round Solid 90°
Square Solid 90°
Cutting Angles 90° only
Voltage 230 or 460
Phase 3
Coolant System Yes
Blade Width
Blade Length Size Diameter
Blade Speeds
26 and 52 rpm
Maximum Vise Opening
2 Speed Motor Horsepower 3 and 5
Hydraulic Motor Horsepower 3
Machine Size (LxWxH) 77" x 51" x 79"
Machine Weight
3,080 lb

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT                                  
5 foot roller stock table
10 foot roller stock table
37" to 46" stock stand
1 gallon SAWZIT saw lubrication
5 gallon SAWZIT saw lubrication